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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

 What a difference a few weeks makes. Frisbee is a quirky little character who hid herself away when she first arrived, to the point we wondered if she really existed! She came in from an eviction and a multi-cat household and she did not know what on earth had happened to her. Now…..we can’t stop her giving us cuddles!!!!!

After a couple of weeks, suddenly she stuck her head out of her box for a tickle, loved it, came out further and never went back in the box! It is times like that when your heart just melts. She had to be called a unisex name because I had not even known she was a girl, but now, she is our best friend. She is adorable. She is soft and gentle and just loves attention. She is in your face demanding tickles. She does not have a bad bone and you can give her a rough tickle round the lugs and she loves it. She is going to make someone a fabulous friend. She is probably only around 10 months old and needs her new life to begin.

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