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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

Smokey and Bandit were re-homed as kittens 2 1/2 years ago and had sadly had to come back for re-homing due to a change in circumstances. They play together and have always been with each other, so we need them re-homed as a pair.

Smokey is loving and will sit next to you, letting you stroke her and she will lick your hands. Bandit is a bit more aloof and isn’t one to like much of a fuss made of him but he will head butt you when he wants fed. They have lived with a Cockapoo all their life so are both used to dogs. They have been used to being able to go outdoors so a home with a safe outside space would be ideal.


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