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We care passionately about the animals we care for and we are looking for the right homes for them.  We find that the homing process goes better if we work with you to help you choose the right dog for your lifestyle and needs. We often have homes already waiting for the right dog so please use the contact form to let us know you are looking as the dogs that are featured on our site are often not the only dogs that we have to home.

Bailey is a lovely 3 year old Jack Russell terrier. He is friendly with people and other dogs out on his walks and wants to 'say hello' to everyone.

He is currently living with 2 other dogs and a cat. He gets on well with the other dogs and loves to play, he would also like to play with the cat, but respects the fact that she doesn't wish to. He does need to continue with his training, which is going well and he is keen to learn.


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