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Rabbits love the company of their own kind. If you are thinking of getting a companion for your existing rabbit, then we can support you through the bonding process. All our rabbits are neutered / spayed which, along with many other benefits, really helps when pairing rabbits. Opposite sex pairings work best. We do not complete the adoption until you have a happy pair of bunnies. In this way, if it isn't working out we will take back the bunnies and you can always try with another if you wish.


Maisie is a small female bunny who is 2 years old, she is looking for a new home where she can be bonded with a male bunny. Please read on to find out more about Maisie and her journey!

FEB 2017: Maisie loves to play, she really likes looking for hidden bits of food, she is a very playful girl who enjoys having lots of things to get up to. Her favourite snack is brocolli. Maisie can be a little wary of touch but she has just arrived so when she is settled in a forever home we are hopeful she will enjoy nose tickles. She is an absolute sweetheart and very confident to explore! She is mostly white with some beautiful light grey markings. Maisie is spayed and vaccinated.


MARCH 2017: Maisie is now accepting head strokes whilst she eats and we think she is secretly starting to enjoy them and she is calming down. She likes her carrier and is super at jumping into this to be transferred to her run.


OCTOBER 2017: She has come on loads since we started fostering her in May.. When I bring her in the house she is into everything, she jumps and climbs over anything and goes upstairs without any fear or needing to practise it. She is very brave and was climbing all over a plastic bag tonight not afraid at all of the noise or anything! If you stand up or walk past her she will follow at your heels and stand at the doorway to the kitchen watching what you’re doing. I can stroke her on the head and back now while she is eating. She will nudge me for attention and licks the floor while looking at me (a sign of affection). She loves a run on the grass and races and binkies about. She takes any food from me, she trusts anything I give her and likes pretty anything edible to eat. She loves grass and is a good hay eater. I don’t think she is ever going to be a rabbit that lies down for a stroke but she has such a silly, daft personality I think that makes up for it. I’ve even been putting off sending an update as I will be sad to see her go, but really she wants rabbit company and stimulation, she needs a pal and a permanent home.















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