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Rabbits love the company of their own kind. If you are thinking of getting a companion for your existing rabbit, then we can support you through the bonding process. All our rabbits are neutered / spayed which, along with many other benefits, really helps when pairing rabbits. Opposite sex pairings work best. We do not complete the adoption until you have a happy pair of bunnies. In this way, if it isn't working out we will take back the bunnies and you can always try with another if you wish.

Barney is a beautiful little male lop who is looking for a patient and loving new home.

Barney is adorable, he is a small lop who is a stunning light caramel colour. He has come from a home where he has been left to his own devices and hasn't had a lot of early human contact so he can be unerstandably wary at first but he is growing in confidence. He bounds around the garden and will come and see what you are up to. He just isn't too keen on human contact just yet. He will be neutered and vaccinated asap. Barney was living with lots of other bunnies and sadly one of them has had a little nibble on his ear meaning his left ear is slightly disfigured but it adds to his charm and causes him no issues! If you have a loving female bunny for Barney then please get in touch.








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