• This is our lovely Lady looking for a home

    We have some gorgeous dogs at the minute looking for homes
  • The gorgeous Tigger is looking for a home

    We have lots of gorgeous cats at the minute looking for homes
  • Alice and Stanley need a forever home...

    We have many rescue rabbits looking for a new home...
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Welcome to Pawz For Thought

Pawz for Thought is a small but very active animal charity operating throughout the North East of England. It was formed as a positive response to the distressingly high number of animal welfare issues in the region.

The Charity always has many cats for adoption. There are fewer dogs for adoption as we spend many weeks with each animal getting to know them to ensure their next home is a ‘forever home’

Rabbits available for adoption are always plentiful either as singles or in pairs. Help can be given bonding a new rabbit with your existing bunnies.

Not being a traditional cat and dog shelter with large capacities we are limited in the number of rescue cats, dogs and rabbits that can be taken in. We also work in the rescue and rehoming of smaller animals.

Our work is mainly in Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East Counties of Northumberland, Durham and Tyne and Wear, however, distance is never a barrier if the home is right.

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Latest News

  • Rabbit team to the rescue!!!

    There maybe a shortage of rabbit vaccinations but this article just goes to show what a dedicated rabbit team we have! Unable to get single rabbit vaccines due to a temporary worldwide shortage, suppliers will only issue them in batches of 10. So early one

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  • we would like to thank everyone who is doing the Great North Run 12.9.15

    We would like to send grateful thanks and best wishes to everyone who is doing the great north run tommorrow. Rachel and Laurance Arnott hope you enjoy it and Mark Meinham your just fab. You have ran for us for many years now. Your all

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  • Eloise is our heroine

    Eloise's Mini Great North Run. Eloise is Six years old she is running this Saturday in the 1.5k mini great north run to raise funds for us.

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  • A hoppy ever after!

      4 of the 6 bunnies that were thrown from a moving car have been rehomed in a matter of days!

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    It comes around fast every year but we are ready and raring to go.  A year of saving teddies washing them and getting them all wrapped and ribboned to go off to thier new homes with the people that win them on our Teddy Tombola.

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