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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

Reuben and Geoffrey

This photo was taken when they first arrived, terrified. Their owner moved away and just left them out on the street. You just can’t imagine that can you? How do they feel when they realise that they can no longer get into their house. It is heart breaking. Luckily, these 2 lads stuck together and found refuge in an outhouse.

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McManus and Ivy

We are so sad to see these 2 returned to us. Some of our long-term supporters will remember those gorgeous photos of McManus with his Bagpuss cuddly toy and the progress we made with his by winning him over with treats. Well, he is back, along with Margot that was.

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Marley was dumped at our shop just before Christmas. We were told he used to live next door to the person who brought him in and he had made his way back to his old home. They thought he was called Marley and was 8 years old. He arrived in a cat box with an old cat toy.


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Snert (reserved)

Snert is a huge cat! He was a stray on the street being fed alongside another cat by a couple who got concerned about them. They were both unneutered Tom cats which is quite a difficult life to lead on the street.

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Frances arrived with 2 fabulous, but feral kittens. They had been born on the street and it was just too late to turn them around. They now have a great life at a stable yard where they are fed and warm and happy. Frances is not a feral cat, she has been a pet that has been left unneutered and allowed to get out and get pregnant. Now she needs her new start in life.


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Lola is a bundle of fun! She doesn’t seem to have an off switch at times but is such a joy to be around. She has lived a stressful life in a busy house with young kids and another cat and it did not suit her at all. She was losing hair and not always using her litter tray for her poo as a bit of a protest.

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You always know when you have seen Widget because she will stick her tongue out at you! She has come on leaps and bounds since she arrived at Pawz and it is now time for her to get a loving home.

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Ebony is a young girl around a year old and very sweet and gentle. She gets on very well with other cats and lived in a multi-cat household.

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Shelley and Ronnie

These sweet cats have had a difficult time because their owner died and they suddenly found themselves in a shelter. They have been indoor cats and they often find it even harder to come to terms with than cats that have at least been outside and met other people and other cats.


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Nori needs a special new family. He has gone from being a very scared boy, to the biggest softy, but his new owner will have to be willing to let him come round in his own time. You will be rewarded with the most loving cat who will adore you.

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Thomas and Felix

These 2 boys are wonderful. They are so soft and loving you could not ask for better companions to share your house. Thomas (the grey and white boy) has a little hat on his head! Felix (black and white) has a long snout that he loves to push into your hand.

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Freya is a dinky little 6 month old who came in from a multi-cat home as a youngster of 4-5 months. She has a very sweet, round face and is such a lovely young girl.

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Pebbles is 13 and was handed into us by her owner because they were moving and not taking her with them She had been with them since being a kitten so she found it quite difficult to come to terms with being in a shelter.

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Monty is a wonderful 8 year old boy. He has come into Pawz due to being taken to the vet to be put to sleep. His owner was moving and as we hear all too often, was not allowed to take him. There seemed to be no other choice. Luckily the vet called us and we found him an emergency puppy pen as a temporary measure for a couple of days.


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Facebook Foggerty

This lad is the most fabulous cat and deserves a brilliant new life. He was all over Facebook as a stray cat because he was in such a state with a severe eye issue. He was unneutered and romancing all the ladies in the area - knowing the soft boy he is now, you just can’t imagine that life he had back then.

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Matilda was living under a shed and when she arrived she was grey with dirt instead of white. She is cleaning up well and is a lovely girl.

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 What a difference a few weeks makes. Frisbee is a quirky little character who hid herself away when she first arrived, to the point we wondered if she really existed! She came in from an eviction and a multi-cat household and she did not know what on earth had happened to her. Now…..we can’t stop her giving us cuddles!!!!!

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Tilly (on hold)

Tilly is one of our kittens from about 6 years ago. Sadly, her owner has died so she has had to come back to us. When she first came back she was so sad, but as the weeks go on, she is coming to terms with what has happened to her.

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Who can resist this cute little face? Cloud is such a cute young girl who is desperate for cuddles and someone to love her. She is always there to greet you when you go into her communal living area.


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Thelma (re-homed)

Thelma was a stray living on the street for quite a while, being fed by several people, but everyone thought she belonged to someone. Then she started to look ill and they realised she didn’t have a proper home and she was handed in to the vet.

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Freda is a fun, young girl. She is playful and gentle and loves people. She lived in a multi-cat household but having observed her character, she would be better suited to being either an only cat, or she would want to live with a laid back soft boy cat.


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Binksy has been given up by her owner because she has got a new relationship and Binksy did not get on with her new partners 2 cats. She obviously wants to be an only cat, so she struggled moving in with 2 others. She is 10 years old and her little world has been turned upside down.

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