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Stray animals and what to do if you find one.

Dogs - By law all stray dogs must be logged through the dog warden who can be contacted through your local council.

Cats/Other - Look for posters in your area, check with neighbours, ask at local vets - they can also scan the animal for a microchip which can track down the owner. Advertise in the local paper and put up posters in public places.

Additional info - Whilst searching for the owner, please make sure the animal has food and water. Check what you should feed it with a vet. Depending on the nature or the type of animal - please be careful - lost and scared animals can attack when stressed. Be gentle and slow in your approach

If you lose an animal

Dogs - Contact your local dog warden, the police, vets and other dog walkers in the area the dog was lost. Use the internet and Facebook.

Remember! If your dog is microchipped it is much easier to re-unite dog and owner.