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If tiny paws are your passion we always have a variety of small furries looking for loving caring homes we often have guinea pigs, gerbils, rats and degus to name a few.  Sometimes we have other types of domestic animals in this section 


Alfie is a lovely chinchilla grey male guinea pig. He is shy but is being handled and we hope he will soon learn to trust.

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Thor is a very handsome chincilla grey guinea pig. He is nervous but would benefit from the company of another piggie. 

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Meet Rosie! She is a beautiful Russian dwarf hamster who is looking for her forever home. She is absolutely adorable!

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Bruno is a lovely sweet guinea pig. He likes to snack on yummy food and investigate his surroundings.

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Nico and Sebastian

Nico and Sebastian are a pair of super cute baby guinea pigs. They are only a few weeks old. They are being well handled in their foster home and are showing an increasing eagerness to be held and stroked.

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Angus is a young male guinea pig, when he came to us he was fighting with his male friend so we have had to separate them. Angus is so much happier and has begun to settle in his foster home.

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Stuart (Reserved)

Stuart is a lovely male guinea pig between the ages of 1 and 2. He is a large boy who is looking for his forever home. He needs some company of his own kind where he can chatter away to his heart's content!

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Angus and Stuart

Angus and Stuart are lovely little male guinea pigs. Stuart is the larger of the two. They are both very sweet and can be a little shy at times but they love each other's company and love pottering about. they are right little chatter boxes and get every excited when they spot their food! They love exploring when you are not looking and do the odd 'popcorn' once and a while.

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Johnathon is an 18 month old guinea pig who came from an overcrowded situation. He can currently see and hear other guinea pigs but is really missing the company of another piggy to cuddle up to. He is a good eater and does the odd popcorning once and a while. He is a little chatter box and will let you know when he is hungry or when he spots his favourite food.

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