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Wow! read what Rachael went through to train for the London Marathon amazing Lady
I was always planning on running the London Marathon in 2015 as one of my training goals for the year.  Now I don't usually ask for sponsorship for running events that I partake in as I love running so much people may say it isn't a challenge for me so why should they donate? Well for this event I have set myself a very challenging target of 3 hours 10 minutes for the marathon.  It is within my ability to achieve this but will only be achieved with lots of hard work, dedication, discipline and sacrifice for the goal.   When you want to push yourself to the limits It isn't just a case of putting your trainers on and running, it is following the right training plan, that is structured for the goal you want to achieve and this is an overall approach to your goal.          
The below may not mean anything to some of you but working towards achieving this goal for me has involved - 
working with a coach to set my training plans and be an invaluable asset for feedback and bouncing ideas off  -   logging up to 78 miles per week so far, running 6-9 times per week,doing some double day runs  - session work to focus on both short and long intervals, hill sessions  -  long runs up to 22 miles -  doing races within this training period as test of fitness or to break training up - this can involve travel and cost - fitting in strength and conditioning sessions and pilates/yoga  -   working on specific imbalances/injury prevention with specific exercises on daily basis
regular physio/massage appointments  -  prioritising nutrition and recovery in terms of sleep and rest which is hard when you have a busy life and work full time  -  buy loads of kit and matching accessories... but that is the fun part! 
Now I have a lot of friends who I run with who may well do the same as me as I have outlined above so for us club runners this is standard but until you try and do it week in week out for 4 months it's hard to appreciate how hard going it is so I'm just trying to highlight the hard work I'm putting in to generate some sponsorship.
In terms of the chosen Charity Pawz for Thought; the company I work for WorkCast created a charity team which I am part of and we were created with the aim of raising money for a local charity in Sunderland with us being a business in Sunderland with links to Sunderland Software City.  3 local charities were short listed and then put to an internal staff vote and as we have a lot of animal lovers Pawz for Thought came out on top. So I will be running the London Marathon to raise money for this charity.