Adopt A Rabbit

Rabbits love company of their own kind. If you are thinking of getting a companion for your existing rabbit, then we can support you through the bonding process.

All our rabbits are neutered / spayed which, along with many other benefits, really helps when pairing rabbits.

We do not complete the adoption until you have a happy pair of bunnies. In this way, if it isn't working out we will take back the bunnies and you can always try with another if you wish. 

We do not rehome rabbits to live on their own. 

Bruno and Thumper are the most adorable pair of brothers!

These handsome boys have had quite the time of it. When they arrived with us it was immediately apparent they had issues with their eyes and it was quickly diagnosed as being entrophy of the eyes meaning their eyelashes were growing in. This has now been fixed and the boys can see and open their eyes again which is brilliant! Bruno is waiting for a dental to remove his front teeth as they overgrow but once this is done these boys are ready to go. Despite their rough time, they are friendly adorable boys who really do deserve the very best of homes! 







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