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2021... a year that we had hoped would bring some calm after a somewhat difficult 2020 for us all!


However, we are experiencing an absolutely overwhelming amount of requests to surrender small animals. This is on a level we have never ever seen before. Our waiting lists for the intake of rabbits is now reaching into months. We have guinea pigs, mice and various other small animals being handed into us daily. They are coming directly to us, being found dumped, being surrendered to vets or being sold online and rescued by genuine people concerned for their welfare. Whether these animals are a poor generation of 'lockdown pets' or not is to be unknown but there are certainly concerns around this.
We are one CHARITY. We are one set of VOLUNTEERS. We are one home from home. We are one group of big softies who really struggle to say no. However, we can only house and care for a limited amount of animals. We will help anyone who comes our way who needs it but at this time we ask for your patience and your support.
If you are considering adoption, then maybe now is the time.
More so now than ever this phrase rings true.....
Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Pawz x