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Just as we were feeling pretty smug about how well the” rehoming” of the baby rats we had was going, we received a call last weekend from a man who’s dad had found  a small wicker picnic basket in the back lane outside his home.

Upon investigation he said there was a couple of adult rats and a litter of perhaps 4 babies in there we arranged to have them collected and when we opened the basket there was indeed two adult females and a ball of rats huddled in a heap as we decanted the babies into the cage we had prepared for them we were counting 18 babies and a quite rotund adult  which will probably mean the 20 rats we have will explode again into the thirties. (The first batch we took in 23 and the numbers went up rapidly to 60 as there was so many litters born in the following days and weeks ) Once again these new little pieces of gorgeous rattiness are indeed of good temperament and all very handle able.  So the hunt is on for more great rat homes if you are interested in giving a couple or possibly a clutch of rats a loving home please get in touch.