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We have just heard the great news today that we have four co-operative food stores and three funeral homes that will be supporting our cause.  If you shop at any of these four stores and you have co=op membership you may like to nominate us to receive the 1 per cent of your shop that goes to the Co-operative Local Community Fund.

On the 21st September, we are re-launching Co-op Membership which means our members will start to receive their new cards and will be able to choose a cause in their communities to support. Our colleagues will be able to see their local causes a little earlier.

How it works

Every time members choose Co-op branded products and services and use their Co-op Membership card (subject to our Membership T&Cs), 1% of what they spend will go to their chosen cause.

Members can change their choice at any time until the end of the giving period on 18th March 2017.

If members don't pick a cause then their 1% is shared out equally between all the local causes in their community.

Food: Lumley - DH3 4HU  
Food: Penshaw - DH4 7PG
Food: Shiney Row - DH4 4RS
Food: Sunderland - Northmoor Road - SR3 1TJ
Funeralcare: J S Carters Hendon (CFI) - SR2 8BW
Funeralcare: Houghton (TCF) - DH5 8JL
Funeralcare: Doxford Park (TCF) - SR3 2NE

More details to follow about how this will help us


Follow this link for more details...