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Lonely guinea pig has his happy ever after! Poor Spot was such a lonely boy when he came to us. He was separated from his parents and siblings at 3 weeks old and left in a cage alone for the rest of his days until we was brought to us. He never made a sound when he came to us, no sqeek, no chatter, no purring until.... Flapjack came along.

From the moment Spot saw Flapjack he was popcorning with excitement, running and purring and within minutes of meeting Flapjack was grooming him.

Spot and Flapjack have made eachother very happy and are a testiment that guinea pigs need a friend. Guinea pigs are such sociable animals and deserve a friend to spend their forever days with. For more information about Flapjack and Spot visit the small animal section.


Lonely guinea pig has his happy ever after 1     Lonely guinea pig has his happy ever after 2