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Baby Ducklings rescued by police!

We have some fantastic policemen in our area who really care about animals. One of them came a couple of weeks ago with a clutch of 11 newly hatched baby ducklings. They were trying to cross a road with their mother but as so often happens disaster! I don't know how anyone can not see them.... not 12 animals in a moving huddle. The mother was ran over and killed the ducklings were were orphans instantly and left floundering.

Fortunately there are people who care and they were all scooped up and brought to us.They are doing well however they still have many weeks of growing to do before they are old enough to be released onto a safe pond.  We will post updates as they grow.

Please, please, please pass it around and ask everyone you know to be aware that baby birds don't know enough and are often not physically able to get out of the way of traffic. Baby seagull season will be upon us soon and those brown baby herring gulls really can not get out of the way when people drive at them just a few moments of your time and a little bit of consideration could mean the difference to never knowing what's its like to fly and hopefully years of life into a very short sad end.